What are your guy’s/gal’s/any of y’alls thoughts on ethereum name services or “ENS”?


About 2 years ago I looked into unstoppable domains for personal use because at that point I had enough people from enough different places sending me stuff on the blockchain that it was a viable option, well they wanted like $80 to mint/reserve the domain back then, which seems absurd but fathomable. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago I looked into the ethereum name service again to find out that decentralization was possible with my ethereum name and I was able to not only mint my own but I was able to maintain ownership rights to it. I was able to resell my domain if I wanted? Yes. This seemed way to awesome to be true but the stats don’t lie, 100’s of thousands of ens names have been minted and registered. I don’t type/copy/hunt for/ my long address anymore, I just share my ens, if someone can’t type that in but wants to cope paste a long ass code instead that’s on them. varendabs.eth send your cool nfts. works on rarible , opensea, metamask, whatever. submitted by /u/VarenDerpsAround https://coinsnews.com/what-are-your-guysgalsany-of-yalls-thoughts-on-ethereum-name-services-or-ens [comments]


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