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I am a currency. You bought me from an exchange, okay. You want to spend me to buy something. But it takes forever to confirm the transaction and it cost you a high fee to spend me as a currency. It’s not even worth spending me. Well then, some rich jackass came up with a centralized system to make the transaction faster and cheaper. Cool. But it still costs you extra fee to move me into this system and if you want your money back from this system, you still have to pay another fee again to get your money back. What kind of idiot would spend me as a currency? Not even a pyramid scheme is as bold as this. I am looking forward to the future where I am the main currency of the world for both the rich and the poor. I bet the poor people in third world countries love spending me while paying the extra fees and being enslaved by yet another centralized monetary system. submitted by /u/TheWorldofGood https://coinsnews.com/what-am-i [comments]


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