wallet is empty / reset? oh gawd ????


ok so a few months back I got binance, bought a couple things and transferred some stuff from coinbase, used the app a few times and then didn’t open it till this evening. opened it and the gesture swipe thing wasnt there, it wanted me to login, so I did that, and when I got in, my wallet is empty! also it wants me to verify even though I did all that back then… pretty sure I haven’t been hacked cos wouldn’t I be able to see the transactions at least? this looks like the wallet has somehow reset itself. I’ve tried to go through the support options but omg they are so convoluted and I can’t find anything helpful. if anyone can shed any light on this that would be super amazing ???? submitted by /u/ooh_yay https://coinsnews.com/wallet-is-empty-reset-oh-gawd [comments]


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