Someone said the market was following bitcoin today and that’s why coins are up.


If you look at the charts, XRP jumped 5 minutes before bitcoin did. Also they increased about the same amount of % points comparatively. If anything I’d argue XRP moved first and bitcoin followed. ETH also didn’t move until 5 minutes after XRP. XRP went up at 5:20AM, then BTC and ETH made the move at 5:25AM. Of course this is all “technicalities” The entire top 10 actually made moves at 5:25AM, 5 minutes AFTER XRP made the same move at 5:20AM Based on the charts, XRP was the one out of the top 10 who made the move and others followed the move 5 minutes later. I posted this originally as a comment but wanted to make a post since most people think the market follows bitcoin which isn’t always the case. submitted by /u/howyouholdin [comments]


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