Send USDC with less gas fees?


So I made the mistake of sending a large sum of USDC to coinbase wallet. I decided hey it was a good payday so lets just gamble on some shitcoin and see what happens in a year or two. Being stuck in NY, coinbase is my only real exchange available. So I sent some USDC to coinbase wallet to buy the shitcoin, and no surprise here, coinbase wouldnt work. So I am unable to convert/send any USDC without paying insanely high gas fees. I’m somewhat of a beginner when it comes to the in depth understanding of crypto so I didn’t really think these consequences through all the way. my question is, can I get my money back? I have a sum of money sitting in coinbase wallet that cannot be touched without paying basically double it’s value in gas fees. Are there any tricks or workarounds I can do to get my USDC back and not lose all my money in fees? Or is there anyway to get coinbase to work? Whenever I try to convert coins it just says “Unable to determine miner fees” Thanks submitted by /u/dlyness0321 [comments]


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