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Atiku says INEC rigged the election with software  | TechCabal

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  • Week 12, 2023
  • Read time: 5 minutes

Amidst the drama following its recently held national and state elections, Nigeria is gearing up for a digital census. Across the continent, Kenya deals with national protests,and court disputes with Meta. Many more interesting stories abound in this edition of TC Weekender. Read on and share widely.


Pamela Tetteh Editor, TechCabal.

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Sama can’t fire its 260 content moderators

Meta and Sama are in a firing drama in Kenya’s Employment and Labour Relations Court. The court has barred Meta and its Kenyan content moderation partner Sama from firing its 260 content moderators. Also, Meta can’t hire a new content moderation firm until the legality of Sama’s layoffs is determined on March 28th.

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Kenyan protesters to boycott Safaricom

The protest flames in Kenya are still burning hot! Raila Odinga, who ran for president against William Ruto, has urged demonstrators not to use Safaricom, KCB bank, or Radio Africa products or services.

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Opera ups its OPay support

Opera’s singing a pricey tune! The famous web browser has raised its stake in OPay from 6.4% to 9.5%. However, they are looking to cash out faster than a cheetah chasing its prey! This follows the conclusion of the 2022 sale of Nanobank for $127 million.

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SA to audit fairness in media

South Africa is auditing the distribution of media content on digital platforms. Apparently, existing platforms are discouraging fair competition, which could have some serious consequences for the news media sector.

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Atiku accuses INEC of rigging

Nigeria’s presidential elections are still stirring up some drama! One of the candidates, Atiku Abubakar has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of using a third-party software called Device Management System to rig the election.

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54gene cuts 25% of its lean staff

Nigerian genomic company 54gene has given the boot to about 10 employees. As a result, they’re now operating with less than 30 people across all their functions. This seems to be part of the company’s new leadership’s plans to streamline its operations.

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Event: TechCabal At 10

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Amazon’s fintech accelerator

Amazon wants to make it rain on the fintech scene. The cloud computing division of the company, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has launched an accelerator to help financial technology companies in Africa.

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Kenya says no to protest coverage

Kenya’s got a bone to pick with the press! The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) instructed six media outlets not to report on the country’s protests. Does it have the right to do this?

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Nigeria’s plan for NIBSS

The Central Bank of Nigeria wants the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBBS) to design and maintain the data registry for its Open Banking program. However, banking experts opine that it will no longer be open banking if there is a central middleman, especially not NIBBS.

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Nigeria’s first digital census

Nigeria is gearing up for its first digital census in 17 years. The census was shifted from March 29 to May 2023, but it’s not to brush up on counting skills. The census will be done digitally with technology costing over ₦85 billion ($184 million).

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Who brought the money this week?

  • This week, Credable, a pan-African-based fintech company, raised $2.5 million in a seed round. The round was led by The Continent Venture Partners (TCVP). Other investors included Lauch Africa, MAGIC Fund, ACASIA Ventures, AAIC Investment, Aadverse Emurgo Africa, and other investors.
  • Rwazi, a market intelligence startup, has raised $4 million in a seed round led by Bonfire Ventures to double down on its penetration into emerging markets like Africa.
  • Egyptian SaaS company Flapkap raised $1.2 million in an undisclosed funding round. The round was led by A15, the leading MENA venture capital firm and one of the most prominent investors of early-stage start-ups in the region.

What else to read this weekend?

  • Verod-Kepple Africa Ventures announces $43m venture fund for pan-African startups
  • What state-generated electricity could mean for Nigerians and local tech ecosystems
  • Factor[e] Ventures launches Africa-focused venture studio
  • ChatGPT goes into e-commerce, travel, and work automation with new plug-ins

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Edited by: Pamela Tetteh

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