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NounsDAO Takes on Hollywood with Animated Movie

The NounsDAO Web3 community has approved a proposal to create an animated movie based on its popular NFT characters. Going forward, the feature-length film will be produced by Atrium, a network made up of independent Web3 artists and creators.

According to the official announcement, the collaboration will not stop on completion of the project, as there will be continued production of “a series of episodic content via consecutive proposals.” The animated film will be titled “Nouns: A Movie,” and will be the result of multiple artists that will contribute ideas to create the “first feature-length cinematic content” that will introduce Nouns to the world.

Some of the confirmed names that will help write, produce, and animate the film include 3DPrint Guy, William Yu, Meta Ent, Zen Doubt, and HK Jay.

In a press release, Atrium notes, “This is a first for the NFT space; we are yet to see any other truly decentralized organizations make this level of commitment to quality, feature-length film production.”

NounsDAO has set the budget for the first installment at $125,000, with the pilot expected in 90 days. Once the pilot is ready, it will be reviewed by members of the DAO, who will then decide whether to continue funding the project or not.

NounsDAO Initiative Could Set Precedent for the NFT Space

Interestingly, in the future, NounsDAO members will be allowed to submit story plots and ideas for other similar installments. This initiative marks a new dawn for the NFT space and could spur more communities to develop similar projects of their own.

As for 3D Print Guy, this isn’t the first NounsDAO-funded film they will be participating in. Last month, the artist produced a short fun film where all the significant characters featured were released as collectibles. The film follows the lead character’s frantic efforts to ensure Nounish glasses are delivered to the correct destination. If the Nouns movie will be anything like it, then fans can expect to be in for a treat.

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