My Country is about to go into DOUBLE DIGITs inflation rate. Our monthly minimum wage is only $113.89. Crypto is the ONLY hope in here.


If you live in the first world country count your blessings. In my country Pakistan poverty rate is 39.2% according to the World Bank and Inflation rate is about to go into double digits. Within only a month prices of Gas and USD are going skyrocket which means daily life things are getting expensive people can’t afford branded suff because dollar rate going high and minimum wage being the same nobody seems to afford it. Sep 16, 2021 Gasoline 1 Litre 120.80 1 USD 169.20 ​ Today’s Price Gasoline 1 Litre 138 1 USD 175.60 ​ Minimum wage is still the same, poor people are suffering from this inflation most of the people have no idea what Crypto is because literacy rate in here is only 60 per cent as far as I know they count someone literate who can write their name or can sign it. Young generation who knows about Crypto are bound to buy only from P2P method because none of the banks in here allow cryptocurrency purchases. Current USDT rate on P2P market is 180. That’s the only way we can get into Crypto Market. Even after all these hurdles recently Bloomberg reported adoption rate in Pakistan is 711% over 12 months. I myself don’t belong to a rich family and Cryptocurrency is the ONLY hope left for us in here. I had hard time explaining Crypto to my family but I still got my Sister into Crypto, she’s happier than ever. I just want to thank Crypto community and Crypto in general.Sorry for bad English. submitted by /u/naji102 [comments]


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