Greetings to everyone, as you know, the crypt is now more relevant than ever, because of its new boom. And today I will show you the top MINER simulator I CHECKED:in which YOU will play games to extract power for yourself and mine the crypt on the site! Don’t go anywhere, now I’ll tell you everything in order and on the shelves! The knowledge is vast, keep learning and keep sharing the resources you find which will help others. Before we begin!It’s a long term method, and you need to invest some time into it, at least 15 minutes a day (the more you play, the faster you can start making profits) but it still takes time. If you can manage to get some friends to join with your referral link, it can definitely speed up the process. If you aren’t patient, it’s probably not the right method for you. With that being said, here is the guide 🙂 Ref.link for registration by which we get 1000 satoshi (36 rubles) for them, you can immediately buy a rack for video cards (a good boost at first) – https://rollercoin.com/?r=ktrgho4v Regular link without ref (we won’t get a bonus) – https://rollercoin.com/ (if you dont wanna use referral, i can understand) We see the most beautiful hamster and clicks on the “Start Mining” button Next, we go through an easy registration form (password, login, Your character’s name, His avatar) Voila, after registration we get to your personal account, in which your character sits at the Bichev’s computer.Now I will explain what and how in order.1.Mining power – the speed of earning coins (DOGE / BTC / site coins) depends on this indicator, I will tell you how to earn it a little later.2.Number of coins – coins will drip to your balance after the block is processed.3. Block – this block is filled every 5 minutes and after filling it, coins (BTC, DOGE, etc.) are transferred to your balance.4. Games – what we will earn our coins. Well, now let’s move on to earning capacities. Earning power, the coolest part of the site that I stuck to for 2 hours. Here we will need to play all sorts of GAMES, passing the level of the game we will be given a certain amount of power (from 700)Each level lasts from 30 to 50 seconds. After every 3 levels passed, the difficulty will increase, and therefore the earnings from 1 game.(The most profitable of them I will write below in the spoiler “Lifehacks”) Examples of some games: The well-known Flappy Bird, only here it is Flappy Hamster Click on a coin for 5 seconds. (Xers will like it) There are still a bunch of other games,after you have played the game and successfully passed the lvl, click to collect power – Gain Power We are waiting for the download and we get energy (sometimes you need to enter a captcha) Here is our energy. You can distribute it like this. MY POWER OPTION >>>> SPLIT POWER We choose which coin we want to mine as a percentage. (coin doge is the most profitable option) So you can play until you blue in the face and farm energy:”What’s the catch?” you ask. My answer: the energy lives only for a certain amount of time (at the beginning 1 day).To keep the energy longer, you need to play longer, I played for 2-3 hours and got myself a buff to save power from the game for a week. That is, if you played a game at 10:20 on the 7th, then exactly at 10:20 on the 14th, the power of this particular game will disappear. And that’s why you have to play constantly and a lot in order to maintain the power. Thus, I played 200+ times and earned (200,000 capacities) the next day the same amount and already 400,000, and then further up to a week Also, the site has top and top players of the site, too, get all sorts of goodies. Conclusion: Withdrawal from the site starts with 360 dogs in rubles (1200 rubles)(to weed out those who came, received a bonus and left) I advise you to withdraw to the BINANCE exchange – With a bonus to deposits of 20% (Works with withdrawal from this game) Top 5 games in order that you will spend the least time and earn the most energy: 1.Crypto hamster (up to 2500 energy)2.Cryptonoid (up to 1500 energy)3.Flappy Rocket (up to 1200 energy)4.Token Surfer (up to 1200 energy)5.Coin Match (up to 1100 energy) There are top players on the site, once in which the developers will make you rich, so it makes sense to sweat: PS, however, there are a lot of Japanese nerds, so you need to try) A person who is in the top 10 has thrown farms (paid, they bring $ 50 per day) and now he makes good money. Well, that’s probably all, I hope someone will like the topic, all the subtleties are almost covered, but the topic will be supplemented over time.Thank you all for READING!!


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