I feel like all platforms upgraded their technology, but Bitcoin’s tech is still ancient in crypto perspective.


I’m a huge Bitcoin fan and investor don’t get me wrong. I really believe in the coin which is exactly why I get frustrated when I see other alt coins upgrading their tech to much better and more efficient ones and we’re still stuck with the same tech we’ve had years ago. Ethereum will soon be introducing ETH 2.0 and we’re still using up so much power for mining and it’s probably gonna stay that way for a while. Honestly idk what we would do without forks like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Latinum… We really need to start laying out plans for future upgrades! submitted by /u/Mandrake_m2 https://coinsnews.com/i-feel-like-all-platforms-upgraded-their-technology-but-bitcoins-tech-is-still-ancient-in-crypto-perspective [comments]


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