I asked an Anti-Crypto Sub with 100k members for their top arguments against Bitcoin and this was the 10 best they could come up with.


1. The existence of exchanges has made Bitcoins core claims completely irrelevant. 2. it is, at best, a toy. in reality it’s a massive disaster. to people who were scammed. to the environment. to victims of ransomware. the list goes on and on. right now a million crypto bros are dreaming up ways to do even more harm. and most damning of all, this is for absolutely nothing. there is no problem that a blockchain can solve that isn’t better solved by something else. 3. You guys ask this shit every day, it gets so god damned old. You guys are so fucking obnoxious I can’t stand you. 4. Simply put, crypto is nothing. It offers nothing. provides nothing. it is people speculating on the value of nothing being worth something but in the end it’s.nothing. if you held a jar of a hobos dick cheese in your hand, you have something more intrinsically valuable than any amount of crypto. at least you have a jar which has its uses. For a bunch of people who think this is the mega game changer, they sure are spending a lot of time online, advertising money, and paid celebrities to try to convince us how amazing it is. Yet I don’t see the mass adoption 13 years later 5. What interest rate would you charge for a 30 year mortgage lent out in any non-stablecoin of your choice (because at best, stablecoins are only meant to mirror their pegged currency)? If you can’t give me an interest rate that approaches rates used today, then your currency will never (and can’t ever) be adopted as a true currency. If you’re just using it to gamble, then gamble away. Just don’t make any allusions about a possible future of actual adoption. 6. There would be no bitcoin in the madman future someone is preparing for. Unfortunately that’s against and old argument for crypto. They keep changing their ‘purpose’ usually it contradicts itself and there is a new ‘purpose’ everyday. 7. Volatility makes it useless. If I gave you $100 in BTC and it tanks in a day, I did well and you did not. Or the opposite and it goes up. Someone always loses in the transaction. It’s up and down so much even a few percent in a matter of hours. Sure that’s not a big deal for $20-$50 but it is if we’re talking thousands. My “fiat” doesn’t change that much that quick. 8. Because it’s a negative sum Ponzi/pyramid hybrid scheme that has absolutely no real world value. 9. It’s just like fiat cash, only way less secure, far less convenient, and with unbelievable teller fees.It’s a solution in search of a problem. 10. My top argument is Crypto is reinventing what we already have. Fractional reserve banking = stablecoin. Fast transactions (lightning) = Visa. Distributed ledger = database Exchanges = banks. Carbon converted to CO2 en masse = mining.


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