Fell for “claim your free nft” scam… 3years in crypto… Feels bad man


Totally my fault, I feel stupid now… I have noticed that there was strange NFT sent to my Phantom wallet , at first I have ignored it. I have never received suspicious NFT’s before, but then I thought maybe it’s an airdrop from some project that I have participated, I better check it out… It even said that it’s from Solana on Solscan… silly me So I went to that website and approved my wallet, I didn’t initiate redeem transaction though, because it felt suspicious to me only then. But it was too late I suppose, I have already approved my wallet. I knew about such scams through random airdrops with website in the name of coin, but this NFT thing got me… A 550$ lesson and it’s a pity… Big money for me. Please, could someone suggest is there anything I can do in this situation? At least to revoke that “approval” so that scammed won’t have access to my funds in the future? I feel a bit lost now… Any help will be much appreciated ​ Proof of transfers: https://solscan.io/account/64VUSmZsRf6dFzpzFdKyVQJypmMsMVLeUrfnVqucyFDh#splTransfers My sol address: 64VUSmZsRf6dFzpzFdKyVQJypmMsMVLeUrfnVqucyFDh submitted by /u/Giratimo https://coinsnews.com/fell-for-claim-your-free-nft-scam-3years-in-crypto-feels-bad-man [comments]You can get bonuses upto $200 FREE BONUS when you:💰 Install these recommended apps:💲 SocialGood – 100% Crypto Back on Everyday Shopping
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