BabyCake – Bringing DeFi to the Masses


BabyCake has a mission. Bring DeFi to the masses.
The rate of crypto adoption in the world is growing, but the percentage of the world’s population who use it is still very small. Decentralized finance, which utilizes technologies to remove intermediaries, middlemen, and banks from financial markets, is a complicated system to enter into.
In a huge step toward fulfilling their mission, BabyCake has developed an App. This app aims to allow anyone with a credit card and a phone to buy cryptocurrency within 3 clicks.  The App is clean, clear and simple to use and will soon be available on both IOS and Android. It will revolutionize the DeFi space and foster the adoption of crypto in a safe, secure, easy and rewarding way.
BabyCake’s primary goal was to make it simple for our mothers to start earning passive income without having to understand this complicated DeFi world, and with this App, they have succeeded.
So who or what is BabyCake? The company was founded by two friends, Monk and Halo. Their passion is helping people take control of their lives and elevate their situations through the use of DeFi to earn passive income. The first step towards achieving that goal was to create the BabyCake token. It is an innovative Reflection Token, one that pays dividends in an already established token instead of its own. Seven percent of the daily volume is paid out to the holders in $Cake, the native token of PancakeSwap, the premier BSC Swap on the market and a company whose tokens are getting more valuable all the time. This means that not only do holders of BabyCake benefit from the increase in the price of the native token, they also receive an appreciating asset, which they can then also Stake on PCS to make even more money!
BabyCake’s early success enabled the creation of the App, their brand new Swap, and the creation of more products, all of which make owning BabyCake a very profitable investment.
Just this week, BabyCake launches its new and improved website. It includes the brand new Swap, an updated Dashboard, Rewards Calculator and information about their upcoming ‘3-click’ App.
The Dashboard includes their very popular Auto-Reinvestment Pool (ARP). Over 14% of all BabyCake tokens have been deposited into the ARP. The Pool accumulates the Cake rewards each holder earns and automatically converts them to BabyCake tokens for a low 3% tax. As the buy tax for BabyCake is 15% to purchase through PancakeSwap, it is a great way for their holders to increase their bags for a significant discount.
BabyCake is currently burning 200 million tokens a day for a 7 day period, reducing supply and increasing the value of already held tokens.
Coming up in the future is the very exciting launch of BabyCake NFT’s. The first NFT to combine Augmented Reality NFT’s with a Rewards System. The NFT’s will initially be available on a BabyCake NFT platform. There will also be a merch store opening in the near future in response to huge demand from the community.
All in all, the future of BabyCake looks bright and with the current price floor being very stable, it is a great time to invest before their many products are launched and their market cap explodes.


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