BitSahara is more than a cryptocurrency exchange, with Bit-Trust your investment is secure and trusted to grow in the crypto market, thus yielding good ROI. BitSahara brings investments of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP) to coin exchange. Exchange coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP with zero interest fee.

Our team is a global one, working with Tesla, Microsoft, Mocoh, IBM, and have the requisite expertise for technology, financial and cryptocurrency industry. Thus, our service includes; Buy request, Sell request and Sahara Trust.

Create custom order to buy coin any time and we will process your order within minutes. Fill up the buy order form to proceed. Create custom sell request to sell parts of your coins. Fill up the sell request form to begin. Follow our daily rates to know what rates we’re offering. 


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Quick & Easy

Beginner Friendly
Bitsahara offers an intuitive, beginner friendly interface and 24/7 Help desk support. No prior trading experience required..

Secure Transactions

Delightful Experience
Our request tools and simple order process upon signup will get you trading from day one..


Industry best practices supports a variety of the most popular digital currencies..